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About Champions of Sports:

Who are we? What do we hope to accomplish? What do we stand for?


Drive. Hard work. Ambitions. Dreams. These are just some of the words that describe what Champions of Sports is all about. We strive to provide quality events and camps around the DFW Metroplex to serve as a pinnacle and foundation for our student-athletes to build upon. We are intentional about offering reasonable prices so that our local teams have every opportunity to grow their talent and play with great competition and seasoned, certified officials. 


Being an Educator myself, I work with youth every day. I love sitting down to talk with my students and the student-athletes participating in our events to discuss their personal Hoop Dreams. I see myself in them because I was once in the same place as a student-athelte with the hopes of being seen/recruited. Fortunately, I was blessed to receive a basketball scholarship and gave me the pathway to be a trailblazer opening pathways for other student-athletes across the nation.


"Never Fear the Challenge, Always Challenge the Fear," is our mantra and we make every effort to live by it daily. Our goal is to offer our services with a spirit of excellence and hope that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the Champions of Sports experience.

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